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Aisle 14

Aisle 14 is an Americana Jamband from Gainesville, FL. We perform original music inspired by classic country, folk, psychedelic rock, and jamband music as well as fresh takes on standards in those genres, all with a heavy emphasis on instrumental improvisation. Our mission is to bring music to the widest audience we can with the goal of bringing people togethter and inspiring joy in peoples lives via a connection with music. 

Festival Appearances:

  • Downtown Festival and Art Show (2023), Gainesville, FL
  • Grateful Gainesville Fall Boogie (2023), Gainesville, FL
  • Florida Bat Festival (2023), Gainesville, FL
  • Tree Fest (2023), Gainesville, FL
  • Hogtown Craft Beer Festival (2023), Gainesville, FL
  • Downtown Festival and Art Show (2022), Gainesville, FL

Venues Played:

  • Heartwood Soundstage, Gainesville, FL
  • Bo Diddley Plaza, Gainesville, FL
  • Swamp Head Brewery, Gainesville, FL
  • First Magnitude Brewing Company, Gainesville, FL
  • How Bazaar, Gainesville, FL
  • Blackadder Brewing Company, Gainesville, FL
  • The Bull, Gainesville, FL
  • … And many more!

The Band

Manny Modrono (Bass): Brother to Chris and lover of frequencies below 100 Hz. Widely speculated to be a top 10 bassist in Gainesville.

Dylan  Schehr (Drums, Vocals): Most recent addition to the band and trained on a wide range of instruments in many styles. Brother to Kyle (not pictured).

Chris Modrono (Guitar, Vocals): Brother to Manny and lover of frequencies above 100 Hz. Started the band in an effort to get a job at a bar and it just kinda stuck.

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