Aisle 14

Original Americana Jamband

Introducing Aisle 14, an Americana Jamband hailing from the vibrant music scene of Gainesville, FL. Formed in July 2021 by Chris Modrono and his brother Manny Modrono. The duo expanded their musical family in June 2022 by welcoming drummer Dylan Schehr, whom they met in the local music scene.

The band's name, Aisle 14, is a nod to their humble beginnings as the house band in a grocery store bar, performing next to aisle 14. This unique origin story sets the stage for the band's eclectic and energetic sound.

Drawing inspiration from legendary acts like the Grateful Dead, The Band, John Prine, and Hank Williams, Aisle 14 has carved out a distinct niche in the Americana Jamband genre. Their music is a blend of catchy tunes, ironic lyrics, and a heavy emphasis on instrumental improvisation and jams.

Aisle 14 released their self-titled EP, featuring standout tracks like "Nickels and Dimes," the band's most streamed song to date. The lyrics, much like the music of John Prine, offer ironic and humorous takes on common life experiences.

Known for their passionate and upbeat live performances, Aisle 14 creates an engaging atmosphere filled with infectious energy. One memorable moment was their performance at the 2022 Gainesville Downtown Festival and Art Show, where they took to the streets in front of the historic Hippodrome theater, captivating a diverse crowd with their sidewalk jam session.

Engaging with their audience both online and offline, Aisle 14 can be found on Instagram and Facebook (@aisle14band). They make it a point to connect with fans personally at shows, fostering a sense of community around their music.

Currently working on new material for an upcoming album in the coming year, Aisle 14 is a band dedicated to constant improvement and growth. Their commitment to honing their skills and pushing creative boundaries reflects in their evolving sound. Aisle 14 is a band on the rise, bringing their unique blend of Americana and jams to audiences far and wide.